250, 000 Maize Farmers Target Sufficient Production in 16 States for Poultry Sector


From: AgroNature Nigeria

About 250, 000 Maize farmers in the country have disclosed their readiness to ensure sufficient production of maize to reduce feed cost in the poultry sector.

The production targeted from 16 states across the Federation is expected to get supports from Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) as well as off-takers guarantee from the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) and other stakeholders in the poultry sector.

The farmers under the aegis of Maize Association of Nigeria (MAAN) had attended several meetings with NIRSAL towards the massive maize production for the 2018 farming season.

In a document obtained by AgroNature Nigeria, PAN and the stakeholders involved called for a tripartite agreement to solidify the arrangement followed by nationwide sensitization campaign of Nigerians.

It reads: “During the various meetings, it was revealed by MAAN that their members are in a position to produce all the Maize needs of the Nigerian poultry industry. The MAAN averred that with the active support of NIRSAL and the CBN, they are in a position to engage sixteen 16 States in massive Maize production for 2018 if only the Poultry Association of Nigeria will be willing to off-take all the MAIZE to be produced by the members of the Association.”

“That in order to jump start the scheme, there was the urgent need for the Maize and Poultry Associations of Nigeria to write to NIRSAL with their “Expression of Interest” as a first step in the tripartite arrangements.

“That of all the 16 States to be involved, the various Maize farmers have to be identified and their profiles embarked upon by both NIRSAL and the MAAN.”

In view of the above, PAN urged all feed millers, poultry farmers in the states of the Federation to inform their members of maize and soybean requirement for the 2018 season such that it can be presented to the MAAN and NIRSAL.

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