AFAN to FG: Boost Grains Reserve to Cushion Effects of Flooding on Farmers



From: Bamidele Fashube, Abuja

In order to prevent shortage, the National President of All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Arc. Kabiru Ibrahim has advised the Federal Government to consider storing sufficient grains in the National Grains Reserve.

Ibrahim said this became imperative in order to cushion likely shortfall as a result of flooding witnessed in states across the country.

Some of the states affected by severe flooding included Katsina, Bayelsa, Ogun, Kogi, Edo, Kebbi among others.

Millions worth of agricultural produce have reportedly wasted with farmers counting their loses in the affected states.

The AFAN Chairman, who applauded efforts of the federal government as well as members of the association, said they have remained committed to achieving food sufficiency target in the country.

“If the flood has devastated farmlands and that affects production, definitely there will be a shortfall but we are hoping that …In the final analysis, we have made moves to achieve food sufficiency in the country regardless of the flood.”

“In the event that we are fearful of that, as I mention, we are supposed to boost our grains reserve. We should be able to buy grains and put it in the grains reserve so that if anything happens, we can open the strategic grains reserve as cushion the effect of the devastation we suffer because of the flood”

Speaking on insurance, he advised 40 million members of the association to register for an insurance package for their crops in case of eventualities.

He said farming should be treated as a business rather than normal subsistence cultivation.

“We will encourage our farmers to take insurance against unforeseen circumstances. It will be sad if anybody does not take this advice and something like this happen but we must do what is right otherwise, there will be so much indiscipline.”

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