Buhari offers to help local farmers in 2020 wet season


From: Kazeem Biriowo, Abuja

IN order to avoid food crisis, President Muhammadu Buhari says his administration has reviewed how farmers will be assisted in this year’s farming season.

He said the decision becomes important to ensure the nation’s effort to food security is not threatened.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), farmers have lamented over post-harvest losses due to inability to sell their produce.

Movement restriction also prevented the farmers from accessing their farmlands, particularly local farmers.

Majority of the concerned farmers, including those under the umbrella body of Small Scale Women Farmers Organisation of Nigeria (SWOFON), had earlier complained how the restriction affected their cultivation and how it might affect food security.

“We reviewed how our farmers can safely plant and harvest in this rainy season to ensure our food security is not compromised,” Buhari said during his national broadcast.

The President stressed that better measures have been designed to ensure flawless transportation of farm harvests.

“Furthermore, we also discussed how to safely transport food items from rural production areas to industrial processing zones and ultimately, to the key consumption centres.”

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