Climate change greatest threat to human existence, environment, says UN


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THE United Nations Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet has warned that climate change and its resultant crisis is the greatest threat to human and environment in human history.

“The world has never seen a threat to human rights of this scope,” she told the UN human rights council in Geneva.

“The economies of all nations, the institutional, political, social and cultural fabric of every state, and the rights of all your people, and future generations, will be impacted” by climate change, she warned.

Bachelet noted that Climate change is not only having a devastating impact on the environments human live in, but also on respect for human rights globally.

She spoke at the 42nd session of the UN Human Rights Council opened with a minute of silence for the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, where at least 44 were killed and thousands of homes destroyed.

“The storm accelerated with unprecedented speed over an ocean warmed by climate shifts, becoming one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes ever to hit land,” Bachelet added.

She also noted that civil wars were caused by the warming planet aside the predicaments of local persons affected by the Amazon fire, the wildlife among others.

“The fires currently raging across the rain forest may have catastrophic impact on humanity as a whole, but their worst effects are suffered by the women, men and children who live in these areas,” she said.

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