EU Spends 371m Euro on WASH, Energy Efficiency in Nigeria in 14 years




…says 2019 flood will be more than 2018

From: Babatunde Azeez, Abuja

European Union has disclosed that it spent 221m Euros and earmarked 150m Euros on different programs relating to climate change mitigation, water and sanitation in Nigeria between 2008 to 2020.

EU’s Head of Politics, Press and Information, Olivier Huot disclosed this at the 2018 Climate Diplomacy Week event held in Abuja.

Huot explained that the EU spent 221million Euros on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects in the country between 2008 and 2013, while 150 million Euros between 2014 and 2020 for Access to reliable energy and energy efficiency projects.

However, he noted that funds were also made available by the EU for waste management and recycling projects.

According to him: “For Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects in Nigeria, the EU disbursed 221 millions of Euros between 2008 and 2013.

“For Access to reliable energy and energy efficiency projects, the EU is committed to 150 millions of Euros between 2014 and 2020.”

“It is not the same period (one line is on 10th European Development Fund, the other on 11th EDF) and I don’t have figures for waste management and recycling projects,” he stated.

Speaking on climate change, Huot further disclosed that the floods in 2019 may be more than it is presently witnessed across the nation, hence the need to prepare earlier for future eventualities.

He condemned the non-actualization on commitments towards the carbon reduction by major nations of the world, stressing that it led to the short falls in meeting the set target of under 2 Degrees earth temperature.

He said it takes collective efforts from individuals across board to mitigate the effect and find lasting solutions to climate change.

Huot urged Nigerians to put more effort into environmental friendly practices as the the need to address climate change is becoming more urgent by the day.

“The floods we are having in Nigeria in recent weeks, it could be worse next year, we have for instance this year to prepare for the mitigation of next year.

“It is always too late in terms of climate change mitigation, because the main academic studies have already proofed the trajectory that were decided during the Paris summit COP 21, three years ago, we have not been able to meet the under 2° (degrees) in temperature reduction on the planet, the gas emission is just too much, it is very difficult to reach the goals we have set, although some big nations have decided they will not respect their commitment.” He noted.

Abdullahi Buhari, Climate Reality leader, a panelist, during the interactive session called for the creation of more opportunities for youths active involvement in the campaign against climate change.

He applauded the waste-to-wealth programs of students in Government Secondary School Garki Abuja , who produced interlocking blocks fron plastic wastes.

Also speaking during the panelist session, an Environmental Consultant, Linda Akpami tasked youths and women to engage more in sensitization of people in the grassroots to adopt the use of environmentally friendly clean cook stoves.

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