Exclusive: NBMA Awards 28 GM Products in 3 years



From: Bamidele Fashube, Abuja

Findings have shown that the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), a regulatory body under supervisions of the Federal Ministry of Environment has granted 28 licenses for Genetically Modified products in the last three years.

The farm input varieties are largely on maize and soybean.

They range from herbicide tolerance to insect resistance and antibiotic resistant while others either has increased Oleic acid or water efficient variety.

According to the post, some of successful seed companies include Mosanto, Bayer CropScience, BASF and Dow AgroScience LLC and DuPont.

In its website, the regulatory body posted details of the approved products on Tuesday. It was titled List of GMO Events Approved by the National Biosafety Management Agency.

It reads as follow:

CROP                                  EVENT                   INSERTED TRAIT                                                COMPANY

Soybean                MON 87705                        Herbicide Tolerance, Increased Oleic Acid             Monsanto

MON 87769-7                    Modified to contain Stearidonic Acid                       Monsanto

BPS-CV127-9                      Herbicide Tolerance                                                        BASF

DAS-44406-6                      Herbicide Tolerance                                        Dow AgroSciences LLC

MON40-3-2                        Herbicide Tolerance                                        Monsanto

A2704-12                             Herbicide Tolerance                                        Bayer CropScience

FG72                                      Herbicide Tolerance                                        Bayer CropScience

MON89788                         Herbicide Tolerance                                        Monsanto

MON87701                         Insect Resistance                                             Monsanto

356043                                 Herbicide Tolerance                                        Pioneer

A5547-127                           Herbicide Tolerance                                        Bayer

MON87708                         Herbicide Tolerance                                        Monsanto

DP356043            Herbicide Tolerance        DuPont/ Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.


Maize            Bt11                                       Herbicide Tolerance and Insect Resistance                      Syngenta

GA21                                     Herbicide Tolerance                                                                         Monsanto

MON801              Herbicide tolerance, Insect resistance, Antibiotic resistance         Monsanto

NK603                   Herbicide tolerance                                                                                        Monsanto

DAS1507              Herbicide Tolerance, Insect Resistance Dow AgroScience LLC and DuPont

MIR162                 Insect Resistance                                                                             Syngenta

MIR604                 Insect Resistance                                                                             Syngenta

MON89034         Insect Resistance                                                                             Monsanto

MON88017         Herbicide Tolerance, Insect Resistance                                 Monsanto

T25                         Herbicide Tolerance                                                                        Bayer CropScience

TC1507 Insect Resistance                                             Dow AgroScience LLC and DuPont

DAS59122-7        Insect Resistance and Herbicide Tolerance           Dow AgroScience LLC and DuPont

MON87460         Herbicide Tolerance        Monsanto and BASF

MON87427         Water Efficiency               Monsanto

Maize 5307        Insect Resistance             Syngenta

In addition, the 2015 Act which establishes the NBMA charged it with the responsibility of providing regulatory framework, institutional and administrative mechanism for safety measures in the application of modern bio-technology in the country with the view to preventing any adverse effect on human health, animals, plants and environment.


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