EXCLUSIVE: Ondo State wants FG to lead ban on plastic pollution



From: Bamidele Fashube, Abuja

The Ondo State government has advised the Federal Government to lead the campaign towards complete ban of plastics to reduce plastic pollution across the country.

Ondo State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Funsho Esan, made the call during an exclusive interview with AgroNature in Akure stressing that such move would encourage the States to follow suit in order to achieve greater impact.

His words: “Look at Coca-cola all over the place. I think the federal should first ban it. Kenya has done that but not nationwide. I expect FG to do that first and every other person can key into it. So it might be very difficult for Ondo state to ban the use of plastics for now but I support that it should be banned.”

Esan emphasised on dangers of plastics stressing that it could take years to degrade, thus need for a better alternative.

As a result, he noted that the state had designed a comprehensive environmental policy that could further protect the state against environmental pollution and  maintenance of good hygiene.

“In super markets and stores, we are discouraging them from using plastics, wrappers and instead they should use paper. Unfortunately, it is not in the comprehensive law that we are banning use of plastics but it is something that we can review when the time comes.”

He cited how the state government during the 2018 World Environment Day (WED), invited the two University professors to discuss and enlighten the public about plastic pollution.

“I support the ban of plastics. During the last WED, we invited two professors to deliver lectures on plastic wastes. In the lecture, everybody come to the realisation that plastic is so harmful and should not be encouraged but why we have not gone the full strength to do the buy-in is that we must provide an alternative for the people,” he added.

On air pollution, he said the ministry is in need of a consultant that could help control vehicular emissions, generator emissions, noise among others and see how he could through that generate revenue for the state.

“We are looking for consultants that will help us in terms of vehicular emissions, generator even noise and all these are in the environmental law that anyone who violates it will be prosecuted.”


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