INBAR Tags Bamboo ‘the forgotten climate solution’



From: AgroNature Admin

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) has tipped bamboo as having huge potential to mitigate climate change.

Its Director-General, Hans Friederich, who disclosed this at the recently concluded United Nations’ Climate Change Conference of Party (COP24) in Katowice, Poland, where the organisation promoted the use of bamboo and rattan as existing solutions to climate change, environmental degradation and poverty, said natural climate solutions can deliver over 35 per cent of cost-effective carbon dioxide mitigation needed by 2030, but that they are a critically overlooked part of most climate change discussions.

“There are over 30 million hectares of bamboo spread across the world – this plant is truly a source of ‘green gold’ for developing countries, and we are urging everyone at COP24 to ‘think bamboo; in their climate action plans,” Friederich said.

Referring to the product as “the forgotten climate solution”, he disclosed that bamboo acts as a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to timber, PVC, aluminium and concrete. Fast growing and quick to mature, bamboo can be used to make an increasing number of heavy-duty materials such as pipes, scaffolding and housing.

“Bamboo plants and products can also store more carbon than certain species of tree: new research shows they can sequester up to 630 tonnes of carbon per hectare,” Friederich notes, adding that bamboo renewable energy is being used to reduce deforestation across parts of Asia and Africa.

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