Miyetti-Allah Accuses Security Operatives of Allegedly Demanding Ransom After Arrests


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The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, a Fulani Socio-Cultural Association on Thursday appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in alleged bribe demands by security operatives.

The pastoralists argued that security agents arresting Fulani herdsmen often force the herders to pay ransom ranging between N200, 000 to N300, 000 before theing released.

Speaking during a briefing in Abuja, National Chairman of the association, Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo noted that the accused security operatives were mostly in military uniform, adding that they killed the herders.

But he was quick to mention that the perpetrators were impostors and not the Army or Police.

His words: “Some Fulani leaders visited us that Fulanis are being killed as if there is gang-up to finish us. Now the Fulanis don’t know the real Army from impostors. It would have been after the killings that the Fulanis would discover that the killers were not the real Army.

“We have reports that the Army and Police would arrest Fulanis and ask them to pay N200,000; N300,000 and other sums of money. I personally would not believe the Nigeria Army or Police would ask Fulanis to pay after being arrested even when they did not commit offences. The authority should look at this.”

Bodejo expressed surprise on the comment of a former Chief of Defense Staff, Lt-Gen Theophilus Danjuma over the Taraba crisis.

“We have many elder statesmen and the comment of some of them is not fair. I can say they were enemies to Fulanis. Some 1000 Fulanis were killed in Mambilla nobody said anything till now including T Y Danjuma. We have resolved that if any Fulani is killed in Taraba or anywhere again, we would take Danjuma to court as his comment is taking as order to kill Fulanis.”

When asked if Danajum’s comment should not be taken as a general reaction to insecurity in the country and not specifically against Fulanis, he said it is not tenable.

“If I as a Fulani leader or any of the Fulani leaders or one Emir made such calls, there would have been outcry. We expect the government to have arrested and prosecuted all the killers in Mambilla including Danjuma too. Danjuma command respect in the country and his comment is shocking.

“I think government is not doing enough and that is why Danjuma and any other person can be making such comment. It is not true that the Army is colluding with the Fulanis, the soldiers are doing their best, may be Danjuma is not happy that the Military is doing their best to protect the country,” he added.

On the recently deaths of some armed herdsmen in gun battles with the Military in Benue, Zamfara and Taraba, and if Fulani leaders have lost coordination of the herders, he said it was not true.

“There have been reports that many people were impersonating the Army to kill Fulanis and their cattle. We have a report of some member of one family losing up to one million heads of cow. There are no Fulanis in Benue State except at the borders with neighbouring states of Taraba and Nasarawa,” he stated.

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