Miyetti Allah Condemns Amnesty Report on Farmers Herders Clashes



…Rejects Atiku for presidency, throws weight behind Buhari

From: Babatunde Azeez, Abuja

Fulani sociocultural organisation, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has condemned the 2018 report by Amnesty International (AI) on the farmers and herdsmen clashes.

National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautap Hore, Engr. Salleh Alhassan on Thursday made known position of the association during a press briefing held in Abuja.

He said the report was rejected on the grounds that substantial parts of it is not only false but unsubstantiated, written to satisfy their paymasters and further stock the conflicts

Salleh described the report as selective and biased, explaining that researchers hired by the Human Rights Organization did not deem it fit to interview the leadership of the herdsmen and families of herders affected by the conflict.

“After thorough review of the amnesty international report on the conflicts between farmers and herders in Nigeria, we have found out that that substantial part of the report is not only false and unsubstantiated statements but also written to satisfy their paymasters and further stock the conflicts.

“AI hired researchers did not deem it fit to interview the leadership of the herdsmen and families of herders affected by the conflicts in the areas they claimed to have visited. Consequently, we condemn such selective, highly biased and unpatriotic act,” he said.

In the report titled “Harvest of Death: Three Years of Bloody Clashes Between Farmers and Herders”, released in December, AI said the clashes claimed 3,641 lives in the past three years.

The organisation said the killings were fueled by the negligence of duties by security agencies and inability to bring offenders to book, an allegation that the Federal Government dismissed as false.

However Salleh decried the hasty conclusion of the report, stating that it was quick to dismiss the efforts of security agencies in ending the conflicts, while suggesting that AI has been hijacked by mercenaries sponsored with the aim of balkanizing Nigeria.

He said the association condemns the desperate vituperation of Atiku Abubakar the PDP Presidential candidate for latching on the what he called falls AI Report with the hope of garnering political capital from farmers/herders conflicts.

He called on all members of the sociocultural association to give optimum support to the reelection bid of the APC Presidential candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari, claiming that Atiku does not mean well for the pastoralist and the country at large.

He also appealed to the Lamido of Adamawa to strip Atiku of the title Wazirin Adamawa for his open hatred for Fulani pastoralist.

The AI report also highlighted competition for scarce resources between farmers and herders as the root cause of the conflicts.

“Failure of authorities to investigate communal clashes and bring perpetrators to justice, police withdrawn before the attack on Dong and other villages in Adamawa state, soldiers withdrawn before 33 villagers were attacked.

“AI’s research revealed that one of the major causes of clashes between the herders and farmers is the scarcity and competition for resources, mainly land water and pasture.”

“We have been trying to manage the crisis by creating grazing areas because a number of grazing routes have been occupied, farmers farm on the cattle routes, the international cattle routes that Fulani’s from Mali and other countries frequently use have been occupied and used for farm land. They go ahead and pass along the route because to them it is supposed to be their way,” a fulani chief stated according to the report.

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