NOA Begins Campaign to Promote Peaceful Coexistence among Farmers/Herders



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In its bid to check further crisis, the National Orientation Agency (NOA), has commenced advocacy campaign with supports from relevant stakeholders to promote peaceful coexistence between farmers and the herdsmen.

NOA Director General, Dr. Garba Abari, said during Peaceful Dialogue Conference in Resolving Inter-Communal Disputes and Violent Conflicts between Fulani Pastoral Herders and Farmers in Nigeria, the killings was becoming too much, thus posing security threat to the nation.

He recalled scores of victims who died as a result of the crisis as well as loss of valuable properties.

However, Abari noted that the campaign, titled ‘Sharing the Green Grass’ will be executed in collaboration with the National Troupe of Nigeria.

According to him, it is targeted at using the community theatre effort by the Herders and Farmers themselves to restore peaceful dialogue, negotiation and cooperation in inter-communal relations, centered on religious and ethnic tolerance.

“It is no longer news to say that various parts of the country are beset with security issues that continue to pose challenges to our security agencies as these prevalent security issues pose a threat to the peaceful co-existence of citizens.

“Such security challenges have led to loss of precious lives and properties in various parts of the country.

“We have continued to record cases of violent attacks on Herders, Farmers and innocent Nigerians caught in between these clashes. There have also been disturbing cases of Cattle rustling recorded in Zamfara and other states of the federation. These incidents of reckless mayhem, some of which are driven by political interests have led to the displacement of citizens from their ancestral homes.

“There is no gain saying the fact that these security challenges have taken a huge toll on national revenues and political leadership at various levels. It should be noted that peace, reconciliation and forgiveness have inherent elements that help the process of peace building, harmonious coexistence and national cohesion.

“As the military alongside other security agencies continue campaigns aimed at stemming the tides of disturbing and disruptive violence on the one hand and the government continues its quest for finding lasting solutions to farmers/herders clashes.”


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