Oxfam says it improved food security in Kebbi, Adamawa communities


By:Bamidele Fashube

Oxfam, an international non-governmental organisation, says it, through its PROACT Project improved food security and livelihoods of vulnerable households in rural communities of Kebbi and Adamawa States

It said apart from contributing towards the improvement of food security situations of several households and economic conditions of target groups, PROACT has equally strengthened the governance and administrative systems of focal states and their local government authorities

This was contained in a statement issued by the Resilience & Private Sector Engagement Programme Manager, (Oxfam), Olumide Ojo.

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The Pro Resilience Action (PROACT) Project refers to Participatory Review of progress made by Adamawa and Kebbi States/LGAs on OGP/Fiscal Transparency/Inclusive budgeting.

According to him, the project has delivered various capacity enhancement programmes for local and state government officials in order to facilitate improved service delivery.

“The project has also invested in the facilitation of knowledge sharing among Adamawa, Kaduna and Kebbi States in 2019 and stakeholders from Adamawa and Kebbi States/LGAs were able to collectively develop a workplan to apply knowledge gained at the end of the exchange programme,”he said.

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Also, he noted that another reason for the scheme was to be able to provide required capacities to governments, especially at the state levels to be able to respond to dynamics produced by recent turn of events.

“For example, Covid-19 Pandemic introduced unprecedented demands on governments to be innovative and proactive while at the same time, upholding the central issues of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability of the citizens.

“Through PROACT, efforts will also be dedicated on ensuring that states and local government authorities take a long stride in their journey towards an Open Government Partnership (OGP), which stands as the hallmark for governments’ accountability for improved service delivery, active citizenship, improved business environment (ease of doing business), and promotion of an inclusive market system that can benefit small holder farmers and other vulnerable groups,” he noted.

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