Warri residents decry poor state of environment, blames state government for low enforcement  


From: Bamidele Fashube, Warri

Residents of Warri have decried the poor sanitary state of various districts in Delta State.

The residents, who spoke to Agronature on Friday, blamed the unhygienic situation to poor regulatory functions from the government, especially the state ministry of enviroment.

A visit to major locations in Warri such as Nigerian Port Authority Road, Rifinery road, Ekpema road, Jakpa road among others showed arbitrary disposal of wastes which eventually becomes abode for mentally insane persons.

Stagnant blackish and dirty water also litter the road with no free flow, thus causing stench and nuisance on the busy roads.

Another bus stop turned waste dumping ground in Warri

A commercial motorcyclist, identified as Mr. John referred Agronature reporter to respond to questions asked on why the entire area appeared dirty.

He further blamed it on weak political will from the government to enforce environmental laws and ensure that people comply with the standing rules.

According to him, he will rather keep his vote for another less popular but responsible candidate, rather than the current government due to poor attitude to enviromental sustainability.

“Majority of the bus stops are not wholesome at all. They are dirty. Whose fault, who is responsible for the maintenance of these bus stops, government.

“You see there are no social amenities, everywhere is just so unclean,” he lamented faulting the government.

“Until I see a responsible government I can vote for, then I will vote. This is not a responsible government,” he added.

Another commercial driver who pleaded not to be mentioned shared how arrest of environmental offenders could cause social disorder in the state.

Refuse dump at the popular Ekpa Express Junction adjacent NPA Road

According to him, “If someone is arrested for committing an environmental offence, he will start calling his people from a particular cultural group, before you know it, they will converge and start causing problems and eventually such person will be released.

“So it has been like that for a long time. We hope government will find a way around it.”

Though, in the course of filling this report, the reporter sighted unbranded vehicle creating public sensitisation on why the people should imbibe good hygiene and avoid indiscriminate waste disposal.

Public sensitisation on clean environment

The group, with heavy speakers mounted on a red Sharon vehicle, advised the public to on regular basis to clean their environment. They moved from one bus stop to the other for the public awareness.

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