WaterAid wants increased investments in water, sanitation


By: Kazeem Biriowo

WaterAid Nigeria on Tuesday, called on the Federal Government (FG) to increase its investment in provision of water and sanitation especially to those who are in dire need of them.

It said the level of access to water, sanitation and hygiene service in rural communities are even more worrisome, making them more vulnerable.

The Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) in a statement issued by Oluseyi Abdulmalik, Communications and Media Manager in Abuja, to mark its 10th year anniversary, said although Nigeria has made some progress in 10 years since water and sanitation was declared as human rights, there was need to do more.

It said based on statistics, 70 percent of the country’s population now have access to basic water supply services and 46 percent to basic sanitation compared to 58 and 32 percent respectively 10 years ago.

” However, our leaders can and must do more; and we are calling on the Nigerian government to take action NOW and DOUBLE their current investments in providing clean water and decent hygiene to those most at need.

“The time to act is now. Together, we need to make sure that everyone, everywhere has these basic essentials. Not just during this devastating outbreak, but long into the future,” it said.

According to Water Aid, the improvement witnessed in the sector in the last one decade was because close to half of the world’s developing countries have amended their constitutions to include water and sanitation as human rights.

“….But there is still a long way to go as millions of people are still being forced to live without access to these basic services due not only to a lack of resources and technologies, but also the inequitable power relations that exist in our world,” it stressed.

It further explained that clean water and decent toilets are essential to the realisation of all human rights adding that without access to these basic services, human potential is limited and extreme poverty cannot be eradicated.

To mark the anniversary, the Organisation said it commissioned 10 visual artists from across the Global South, including Nigeria, to interpret the far-reaching impact access to clean water and decent sanitation has on people’s lives and the role these vital basics play in the realisation of other human rights.

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