Weather: Farmers need proper guidance from agriculture extension workers – NMetS


From: AgroNature Admin

The Nigeria Meteorological Society (NMetS), says farmers need proper guidance from agriculture extension workers as they commence farming activities following the prevailing weather condition in the country.

The President of NMetS, Prof. Clement Akoshile disclosed this in an interview in Lagos on Monday.

According to him, as the weather carries a lot of heat waves and hot air, there should be agriculture extension services to farmers, to enable them understand the weather predictions.

“Thank God that the agriculture extension workers are around to educate farmers on when to plant and when not to plant.

“With the harsh weather condition this period, their guidance is necessary for farmers not to incur pre- and post-harvest losses.

“Definitely those farmers planting crops that do not need much rain will do their planting.

“However, it will be risky planting all crops except there is irrigation and other sources of water at the disposal of the farmer in his farm,” he said.

Akoshile said that the weather condition calls for a drastic change to the way the nation depended on it for its farming.

He advised that other artificial ways of providing water during farming season should be part of the nation’s agriculture system.

Akoshile said that there was no need to continue wasting the few rain falls that occur during harsh weather condition as being experienced now.

He said that farmers should find a way to conserve the rain water in their farm lands.


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