Why Herdsmen from Chad, Niger’ll benefit from Nigeria’s livestock development plan


From: AgroNature Admin

BALA Mohammed, the Bauchi State Government has disclosed that beyond Nigeria, other African countries such as Niger and Chad would benefit from the Federal Government’s National Livestock Transformation Plan.

He explained that the nomadic farmers transverse across the continent, thus entry into the country was inevitable.

The former Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) spoke recently during Live ChannelsTV programme.

His words: “I think there is a lot of mistrust and misconception as regards the Fulani man. The Fulani man is a global or African person. He moves from The Gambia to Senegal and his nationality is Fulani.

“As a person, I may have my relations in Cameroon but they are also Fulani. I am a Fulani man from my maternal side, we will just have to take this as our own heritage, something that is African. So we cannot just close our borders and say the Fulani man is just a Nigerian.”

“In most cases, the crisis is precipitated by those outside Nigeria. When there is a reprisal, it is not the Fulani man within Nigeria that causes it. It is that culture of getting revenge which is embedded in the traditional Fulani man that attracts reprisal.”

He argued that the Fulani people do not necessarily have a nationality.

“We are already accommodating them,” he justified his argument. “Do you delineate and really know who is not a Nigerian Fulani man? They are all Nigerians because their identity, their citizenship is Nigerian even though they have relatives from all over the world. So, presumably they are Nigerians because they move all over and have relations all over. That is why our population in Nigeria is fluid.”

“Yes. This will give Nigeria the opportunity of having proper documentation and knowing the demography because the Fulani man settles anywhere he can feed his cattle,” Mohammed added.

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